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Internet Access

Missoula's university culture has helped create a demand for internet access throughout the city, so whether you are visiting or a resident, keeping connected to the rest of the world is right at your fingertips.


It is nice to stay connected when you travel, but sometimes it can be annoying to search all over town for an internet or wi-fi location. Luckily, this college town is full of students who have created a demand for access to wi-fi throughout the city. Many of the local cafes, bakeries, coffee houses and restaurants offer internet along with the more traditional locations including the library.

Internet Access Around Missoula

Having a laptop makes accessing the internet much more convenient in this wi-fi friendly city, but if you don't have one, don't fret, just stop by the library. Most restaurants and bars don't mind you sitting and using their internet, but there is general understanding that you will purchase something while you occupy one of their tables. Tip accordingly for your time.

In addition to the following listings, most hotels and motels around Missoula offer free internet with your stay.

Internet Cafes, Coffee Shops, Bars and Restaurants

  • Break Espresso
    This is one of the most popular coffee shops in town. Offering plenty of tables, power outlets, fast internet and great pastries.
    Address: 432 North Higgins Avenue
    Phone: 406-728-7300
  • Food for Thought
    Located right across the street from the University, Food for Thought is very popular with students and professors alike. A great place for lunch, but it can be loud and crowded.
    Address: 540 Daly Ave
    Phone: 406-721-6033
  • Butterfly Herbs
    Right downtown, Butterfly Herbs has an amazing selection of teas and a simple lunch menu. A great place if you can manage to grab one of the few booths in the back.
    Address: 232 N Higgins Avenue
    Phone: 406-728-8780
  • Liquid Planet
    This local coffee chain, located right downtown, offers one hour of free broadband access per purchase. It focuses on sustainable and organic coffee production.
    Address: 223 N Higgins Avenue
    Phone: 406-541-4541
  • Sean Kelly's Public House
    Right in downtown Missoula, Sean Kelly's offers great Irish food. With the long bar and plenty of tables, you have plenty of options as to where you can set up your computer.
    Address: 130 W Pine Street
    Phone: 406-542-1471
  • City Brew Coffee
    Located near the courthouse, City Brew gets lots of foot traffic. This Montana based chain offers nice, consistent coffee and a decent work environment.
    Address: 400 W Broadway Street
    Phone: 406-721-3600
  • Worden's Market
    This deli and wine/beer market offers a couple high top tables for dining and internet, but it will fill up during the lunch rush. If you like wine, they offer a great selection of wines from around the globe.
    Address: 451 N Higgins Avenue
    Phone: 406-549-1293
  • The Press Box
    The Press Box is conveniently located right off the I-90 Van Buren St exit and just over the footbridge from the University. Good for a working lunch, but beware if there is a game on the television as the place will erupt with loud fans.
    Address: 835 E. Broadway
    Phone: 406-721-1212
  • Taco del Sol
    Build your own burrito then hop on the internet. The line sometimes stretches out to the street, but most folks take their food to go.
    Address: 422 North Higgins Avenue
    Phone: 406-327-8929

Missoula Publica Library

If you don't have a laptop computer, this is the place. The library offers 20 computers, offered on a first come first served basis with a reservation time of one hour. Just need to pop on the internet for a second, you can use one of the rapid use computers which has a 15 minute limit. Ask for a guest past if you are visiting Missoula.

  • Address: 301 E Main Street
  • Phone: 406-721-2665
  • Hours: 
    Mon to Thur 10am to 9pm 
    Fri to Sat 10am to 6pm 
    Sun 1pm to 5pm 
    Closed on Holidays


  • Cara's Park
    Caras Park is located in downtown Missoula along the Clark Fork River. The scenic view is a great backdrop for this outdoor wi-fi zone. Address: 131 S Higgins Avenue.
  • Sparkle Laundry
    Why waste time just sitting at the laundry mat? Sparkle offers wi-fi to its customers while they wait. Address: 812 S Higgins. Phone: 406-721-5146.
  • Green Hanger Laundry
    This super clean laundromat is busy, but offers free internet, coffee, soap and reasonable prices. The employees are very nice as well. Address: 960 E Broadway. Phone: 406-728-1919.

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