Pay Showers and Laundromats in Missoulla, Montana


Showers & Laundry

Missoula, MT is a mecca for outdoor adventurers, but all that hiking and biking lead to sweating and stinking, so when you need a shower or some clean clothes its always good to know where to go.


Missoula is a hub of outdoor activities. Whether you spent the day hiking, are road tripping through the west, or simply just realized you smell, you won't have to go far for that squeaky clean feeling.

Most state parks in the surrounding area offer shower facilities, but if you find yourself in town, the following locations offer clean and sanitary options for your cleansing needs. Throw in a load of laundry while you freshen up.

Or, reward yourself for all the backpacking and camping and spend a night in at a hotel enjoying a hot shower, comfortable bed and clean clothes. Missoula offers you plenty of options, so get rid of the stink and hit the showers.

Missoula Crossroads Travel Center

  • Location: I-90 & Hwy 93, Exit 96
  • Contact: 406-549-2327
  • Showers: $7.00
  • Laundry: $1.00 per load

Muralt's Travel Plaza

  • Location: 8800 Truck Stop Rd
  • Contact: 406-728-4700
  • Showers: $8.00
  • Laundry: $1.25 per load

Ole's Truck Stop

  • Location: 3705 MT Hwy 200 E
  • Contact: 406-728-7500
  • Showers: $5.00
  • Laundry: No

Missoula KOA

  • Location: 3450 Tina Avenue
  • Contact: 406-549-0881
  • Showers: $10.00 or free with stay
  • Laundry: $1.50 per load

Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts

  • Location: 9900 Jellystone Dr
  • Contact: 1-800-318-9644
  • Showers: Free with stay
  • Laundry: Yes

Jim and Mary's RV Park

  • Location: 9800 Hwy 93 North
  • Contact: 406-549-4416
  • Showers: $7.00 or free with stay
  • Laundry: $1.25 per load

Green Acre Laundry

  • Location: 960 E Broadway
  • Contact: 406-728-1919
  • Laundry: $1.75 per load

Sparkle Laundry

  • Location: 812 S Higgins
  • Contact: 406-721-5146
  • Laundry: $2.00 per load

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