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Public Transportation

When in Missoula, hop on the public bus or take a bus tour up to Glacier or down to Yellowstone, as Missoula is conveniently located right in between the two, let the bus company do the driving while you enjoy the ride. Read More

Public Bus System

The Missoula Mountain Line bus system is excellent. Getting around Missoula has never been easier. For only $1.00 a ride, it's even cheaper if you buy a pass, the Mountain Line will take you wherever you need to go. Over twelve routes, labeled by number, cross the city making sure that you can reach every corner. Have your bike with you? No problem, every bus has room for two bikes.

Most routes start morning operation at 6:45am from the downtown transit center and generally return to the transit center anywhere from 6:30pm to 7:15pm depending on the route. Expect buses every 30 minutes. To catch the bus you can wait at designated bus stops or flag down a bus. If you flag down a bus, make sure you are on the correct side of the street and waiting for the bus after an intersection. It is safer for them to stop after an intersection then before.

You can find bus times, routes, and maps at the transit center, online, at some hotels or on the bus.

For transport to and from the airport, you can take Route 11 or make a reservation with the Airport Shuttler.

Airport Shuttles

The Airport Shuttler operates between MSO and passenger requested locations. Note, you most likely won't be the only passenger, so drop off can take some time. Reservations are required for transportation: (406) 543-9416.

The Missoula Mountain Line, which just expanded service to include a route to the airport. Route 11 will drop you off at the transport center, located in downtown Missoula. There are also early morning buses that go directly from the transport center to the airport. Check the schedule for details.

Bus Tours

Many private tour companies use Missoula has a hub, because it is conveniently located between Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Bus tours allow you to enjoy the sights you came to see, without worrying about the traffic or the road. Sit back and relax while someone else does the driving and you enjoy the view.

Just a note, although tours are offered year round, many of the park roads and facilities tend to be closed in the winter. Prices tend to vary and depend on group size and time of year, so make sure to look into some of the listings on this page to help you find a bus tour that suites your needs and your budget.