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Dog Sledding

Dogsledding is a sport that many never get the chance to try, but on your next winter trip to the Missoula, Montana area, it is a fun packed time you truly can't miss. Grab an experienced guide to take you on a dog sled for a tour on snow-covered trails.

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Imagine harnessing up the dogs and enjoying the serenity of a beautiful winter wonderland on a guided dog sled ride through Montana landscapes. This is all waiting for you in Missoula, a great winter vacation destination.

This fascinating outdoor recreation is something folks only dream of. Dog sled rides are usually things of adventure movies. But you can experience it personally and up close right here in Montana. Go to Seeley Lake close by and find dog sledding available to your heart's content. You'll be gliding across the snow-covered landscape in no time.

Huskies love to pull sleds; it seems to be what they were made for. Once they are hitched up and about to take off, you will see why. Your sled outing will be full of all the adventure you could hope for as well as some incredible scenery. The local mountain ranges towering above, the snowy ground below.

Many companies now offer dog sledding trips, and you can go from a short half-day excursion to a multi-day trip. Listen to the sled runners whispering through the snow and hear the panting of the dogs. Those will be the only sounds you'll hear. Don't forget to bring your camera!