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Lolo is a bedroom community located fifteen minutes from Missoula, providing access to Lolo National Forest, nearby fishing, a hot springs, and a chance to spin your partner across the square dancing floor.

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  • Lolo sits 10 miles south of Missoula at the northern end of the Bitterroot Valley. 
  • Explore Travelers Rest State Park and Lolo National Forest. 
  • Stay at a resort, hotel or campground and dine at your choice of eateries. 
  • Enjoy a soak at Lolo Hot Springs or take your partner square dancing. 


Lolo, Montana is a small town tucked against the Bitterroot Mountains and Lolo National Forest and offering abundant year-round recreation. After a hard day's play in the outdoors, soak in warm mineral waters at the local hot springs before dining at a local eatery and resting at the hotel, resort, or campground. Before leaving town, don’t forget to explore Travelers Rest State Park and its museum and visitor center.


Lolo, MT is located along US-12 W/US-93 S, 10 miles south of Missoula.


Enjoy plenty of amenities when you overnight at the nationally-recognized hotel or local resort. Campers and RV enthusiasts can pull up at the local campground or head further afield into the national forest for a more rustic experience. Lolo eateries include a steak house, café and deli, coffee shop, and ethnic cuisine. Fill up at one of the service stations and purchase necessities at the grocery store. 


During summer, find plenty to do in Lolo National Forest and the Bitterroots. Camp, hike, horseback ride, mountain bike, and more or stick to the valley for some excellent fishing on the Bitterroot River.

Hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails are groomed near town during winter. If sledding isn’t your style, strap on your skis or snowshoes and enjoy quieter adventures in the national forest.

Wildlife viewing is a year-round activity with a range of big and small game species roaming the area. For a pleasant driving tour, head west on Lewis and Clark Highway (US-12 W at Lolo). And if you love to do-si-do, head on over to the local square dancing venue for a night of swinging fun.


Travelers Rest State Park encompasses 50 acres of open meadows, walking trails, and picturesque land surrounding Lolo Creek. Be sure to visit the Holt Museum and Visitors Center and view Native American artifacts and more.

Lolo Hot Springs is an excellent place to visit any time of year, but especially during winter, after a long day spent on the snowmobile, cross-country, or snowshoeing trails.

Getting Here

From Missoula, travel 10 miles down US-12 W/US-93 S. Lolo is located at the junction of US-12 and US-93, at the eastern end of Lolo Trail.