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Northern Rockies Heritage Center

Located in southwest Missoula, the Northern Rockies Heritage Center is dedicated to preserving Fort Missoula’s remaining historic grounds and buildings including carriage houses, old barracks, a water tower and post headquarters. Read More

  • Northern Rockies Heritage Center is located at Fort Missoula in southwest Missoula. 
  • The center is dedicated to preserving the fort’s historical grounds and buildings. 
  • See the old carriage houses, barracks, post headquarters, and water tower. 
  • Visit NRHC sites for free, year-round. 
  • Heritage Hall and the Parade Grounds are available for rental. 


Northern Rockies Heritage Center (NRHC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserve the remaining grounds and buildings at Fort Missoula. The fort was originally built in 1877 and operated by the US Army. Famous incidents connected to Fort Missoula’s history include the attempted detainment of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce tribe and its use as an alien detention facility.

Visitors can walk in and amongst NRHC sites at Fort Missoula for free. Historic buildings include officers’ barracks, carriage houses, water tower, parade grounds, and post headquarters. Exhibits and information displays are located throughout the grounds and buildings.


Northern Rockies Heritage Center is located at Fort Missoula, on the southwest side of Missoula.

Fort Missoula can be reached by traveling west on Broadway St and south on Reserve Street. From Reserve, turn left at Dearborn Avenue and continue onto Fort Missoula Road for NRHC.

Street Address: 30 Fort Missoula Road
Missoula, MT 59804

Contact Information

Mailing Address: Northern Rockies Heritage Center
PO Box 1884
Missoula, MT 59806-1884
Ph: (406) 728 - 3662


Open year-round, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.


There is no fee to visit NRHC sites.

More Information

Fort Missoula is a popular location for weddings and other events and Heritage Hall and the Parade Grounds/South Lawn are available for rental.

Heritage Hall Rental: 2100 sq foot ballroom with deck overlooking the Parade Grounds. Catering kitchen, photo gallery dressing room, and tables and chairs for 200 . Fee: $1475 per event ($500 refundable deposit.)

Parade Ground Rental: Price varies according to event size.

Non-profit groups receive special rental rates.

For more rental information, call: (406) 396-4750

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Northern Rockies Heritage Center

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