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St Regis River

If you enjoy stream fishing in a gorgeous alpine setting, with additional access to nearby recreational activities, travel west from Missoula on Interstate-90 until you reach the St. Regis River. Read More

  • The St. Regis River flows from the Bitterroots to the confluence of the Clark Fork River. 
  • The town of St. Regis is just a 70 minute drive west of Missoula on I-90. 
  • Hike the upper river and enjoy spectacular scenery. 
  • Catch cutthroat trout in pristine waters. 
  • Recreational activities abound in Lolo National Forest. 


The St. Regis River spills out of the Bitterroot Mountains before flowing through Montana’s Mineral County and joining the Clark Fork River at the town of St. Regis, MT. The upper river flows through unparalleled alpine scenery while the lower river parallels Interstate-90. Recreational opportunity includes fishing, hiking and other recreational activities in Lolo National Forest.

Location and Information

The St. Regis River originates in the northern end of the Bitterroots and flows to the town of St. Regis, Montana where it joins the Clark Fork River.

To reach St. Regis from Missoula, simply travel west on Interstate-90 for approximately 70 miles. The river follows I-90 for a large portion of its length, beginning in St. Regis.

For more information, contact:
Lolo National Forest
Fort Missoula Bldg. 24
Missoula, MT 59804
Ph: (406)-329-3750


Though not as popular as some of the larger rivers in western Montana, anglers hankering after pristine waters in stunning mountain landscapes will enjoy fishing the St. Regis for cutthroat trout in the 12” – 15” range. In summer, tie a grasshopper or Madam X to the end of your fly line. Be sure to check with Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks for fishing regulations and licensing information.

Numerous hiking trails intersect Lolo National Forest’s two million acres and several trails take trekkers near or along the St. Regis River. For a relatively easy hike, follow the upper St. Regis River to St. Regis Lake for a 6 mile out-and-back journey. If you’re hiking in late July or August, carry an extra water bottle or bag for some huckleberry picking.

Several Lolo National Forest campgrounds are located along the length of St. Regis River as well as in close proximity to the town of St. Regis. Try Cabin City Campground just west of St. Regis and visit the nearby 40-foot lookout tower. Average nightly campground fees range around $6 - $10.

Wildlife/Scenic Viewing
As you wet a line in the river, or simply hike along its shoreline, be sure to keep your camera handy for panoramic shots, especially in the upper portions of the St. Regis River. A large number of wildlife species can be spotted in Lolo National Forest including deer, elk, and bears.

Fun Fact

Just west of the town of St. Regis is the Savenac Historic Tree Nursery Area. Check out the visitor center, arboretum, memorial grounds, or rent a cabin in this scenic area.