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Seeley-Swan Lake Highway

A lovely route through the Swan Valley awaits you with a trip on the Seeley-Swan Lake scenic drive. Travel Highway 83 in Montana through an awesome lake area and view the forested valleys and hills. See majestic mountains rising around you while enjoying the solitude, far from city life worries. Read More

The Seeley-Swan Lake Highway will take you through exciting wilderness in the Big Sky country of Montana. It is something you won't want to neglect on your vacation. Along Highway 83 through lands of hundreds of lakes, all natural and of varying sizes, you will find abundant chances at some terrific outdoor recreation as you stop along the way.

Bob Marshall Wilderness straddles the Continental Divide, and provides you with over a million of acres of wild land to explore. But stick to the highway route and you can still pleasure in all the sights.

Stop at any pull-off to see the Mission Mountains off to the west, or gaze east to see the Swan Range peaks. But you may want to pause your tour to hike up to the Holland Lake Waterfall, a favorite for family strolls in the sunny afternoons. The trailhead is only 3 miles from Highway 83.

Just 4 miles north of Seeley Lake you can go for a great four-mile trip on the water with the Clearwater Canoe Trail. Check out all the wildlife you can see as you go. The whole family will enjoy a drive on the Seeley-Swan Lake Highway.

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