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Attend a music concert, art gallery event, theatrical performance or other programs hosted by University of Montana’s Performing Arts Center and be entertained by aspiring and top-class artists, musicians and actors. Read More

  • UM Performing Arts Center hosts a variety of events throughout the year including concerts, plays, exhibitions, and festivals. 
  • See a performance by Montana Repertory Theatre or University Theatre. 
  • Attend a music concert. 
  • Take the kids to a Missoula Children’s Theatre event.
  • UM museums and galleries are free and open to the public. 


University of Montana College of Visual and Performing Arts contains the Schools of Art, Theatre and Dance, Music, and Media Arts. Throughout the year, each school puts on a variety of events including exhibitions, concerts and recitals, theatrical performances and more.

Additionally, UM Performing Arts Center is home to “The Colony,” a playwrights’ workshop hosted during the summer; the Gallery of Visual Arts, the Buddy DeFranco Jazz Festival, the Montana Repertory Theatre’s professional touring company, and Missoula Children’s Theater events.


Performing Arts events take place at a variety of locations throughout the university’s campus.

  • Montana Theatre, Museum of Art & Culture, Masquer Theatre and Open Space events typically take place in U M’s Performing Arts and Radio/TV (PARTV) Center located on campus at the corner of South 6th St East and Van Buren.
  • Performing Arts offices are also located in the PARTV Center.
  • The Art Annex is located across from the PARTV building, next to the Adams Center.
  • University Theatre is located in the Fine Arts building on Maurice Avenue.
  • The Gallery of Visual Arts is located in the Social Sciences Building, behind the Fine Arts building.
  • The Music Recital Hall is located in the Music building on the corner of Maurice and Eddy Streets.
  • University Center Theatre is located at the University Center Building on East Campus.

For more locations, see the UMARTS Calendar

To reach UM campus from I-90, take exit 105 for Van Buren St and head south. Parking areas are located throughout the campus.

Mailing Address: College of Visual and Performing Arts
32 Campus Drive
Missoula, MT 59812
Office Ph: (406) 243-4970
PARTV Box Office Ph: (406) 243-4581


You can catch a Performing Arts event pretty much any time of the year but especially during the school year. Galleries, theaters and other venues are open year-round.

Performance dates and times will vary.

For a comprehensive schedule of events, click the following link to the UMARTS website: Calendar


  • Montana Repertory Theatre single ticket prices average around $5-$15.
  • The University Theatre and Dance season ticket prices range between $26-$85 while single tickets for events at Montana Theatre average between $10-$20 and single tickets for Masquer Theatre events range from $16-$10.
  • Missoula Children’s Theatre single ticket prices average between $15-$20.
  • UM museums and art galleries are free and open to the public.
  • Music concerts and recital prices vary.

More Information

  • (406) 243-4581 for Masquer Theatre, Montana Theatre, Montana Repertory Theatre, and Open Space events
  • (406) 728-7529 for Missoula Children’s Theatre
  • (888) 666-8262 or (406) 243-4051 for University Theatre
  • (406) 243–6880 for Music Recital Hall
  • (406) 721–3194 for Missoula Symphony Orchestra
  • (406) 493–2990 for String Orchestra of the Rockies

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